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This site is dedicated to our puppyhood - or, for those of you who found your forever homes later in life, it is dedicated to those first days you spent with your new families.

Thanks to all of you who sent in your autobios and for sharing your experiences. Most of us got acquainted later on in life without knowing anything about each other. So your stories really do let us get to know each other better, and help us appreciate each other more.

Special thanks to our moms, Linda and Pat, who helped us put up this site.

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Chef and Abby

(All stories are posted in the order in which they were received.)



My Auto-Pei-Ography

I was born September 12th, 2005 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I had lots and lots of fun with my siblings and all the other doggies at Nickelcap Shar Pei . One by one, though, my siblings were leaving to go places without me!

Finally it was my turn and I went from Momma Liette’s house to Momma Gloria’s house. When I was still REALLY tiny, my brother and I went on a car trip. My brother, they called him Macho, was in a crate, but I had the run of the back of the station wagon, which may not have been a good thing because I had eaten breakfast before going into the car. S’ok! I cleaned up after myself!

It was snowing really hard that day and we finally stopped somewhere and these two strange people type people came over to meet Momma Liette and Momma Gloria. They said not to tell us who we were. Well, duh, we were the Shar Peis! Macho and I got to sniff and explore the people; I was a lot shy and kept trying to climb Momma Gloria’s leg.

Everyone went inside and Macho and I chatted about our Adventure. When everyone came outside again, Momma Gloria was crying. She gave me a BIG hug and a kiss and slipped a new collar on me. I wanted to stay with Macho; the strange lady gave him a toy! A hippo! I was really scared to go with the strange people, they kept calling me Bolo; but the strange lady sat next to me in the car and huggeled me half way home, then she switched places with the strange man and he huggled me the rest of the way home.

I was in my FOREVER home. It was strange, and scary, and so different from anything I’d ever seen before. Once I got inside, I was allowed to sniff EVERYTHING, and
before I could even ask, I had food and water and they showed me where the door was so I could go outside to pee. My new Mom gave me lots of hugs and cuddles and told me I was a good boy. I also had my own hippo waiting for me at my new home!

Eventually, I made my way upstairs. I was still really shy and scared. But then I saw the Big Bed. I took a huge running jump and settled myself in the corner of the bed. That’s where Shar Peis belong, curled up on the Big Bed with their people.

My life has been one big huge adventure since then. I love my Forever Pawrents. Some things are meant to be. They had a hole in their hearts after losing my predecessor and I needed a home. It’s worked out really well. I’m so glad I’m here.



Sen and Tom said...

We loved your story, Bolo! You are one of our very favourite guys!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan and Tom

Ruby said...

Hi Bolo
I loved your autobiography. I'm glad your mom picked you & let you sleep on the big bed.

Love Ruby

Raising Addie said...

You are very sweet!

Do you have any pictures of you as a furbaby with your hippo? I would love to see them. I bet you look just adorable in them!


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