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Thanks to all of you who sent in your autobios and for sharing your experiences. Most of us got acquainted later on in life without knowing anything about each other. So your stories really do let us get to know each other better, and help us appreciate each other more.

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Chef and Abby

(All stories are posted in the order in which they were received.)


Mr. T-Bone Beasley

I don’t even know where to begin! Okay, let me take you back to May of 2007. My human had just graduated from college and decided that it was time that she get herself a dog.

She didn’t need to research breeds much being that she already knew an Airedale was the dog for her. See, she spent most of her college career just thinking about me and the awesomeness that I would be!
So anyway, after graduating she started to look up breeders and rescues for Airedales. She quickly became discouraged. She ran into many people who were rude or never even returned her phone calls! Rumor has it that she was willing to fly across the country just to retrieve her own Airedale!
Finally, she ran across the webpage, http://www.tenkillerairedales.com/. Thinking that there was some older information on the webpage and no news of a new litter, my human thought it was going to be more of the same. But, she made the call anyway! Thank goodness she did, because she met the nicest and most patient woman who would help my human through the process of ME!!!
She informed my human that her girl, Greta, would be going into heat around August, and she would be bred with a fellow named Porkchop, thus I would be born around the beginning of October. The human realized that while there was a wait, it sounded as if this was going to be a great place to get a puppy from!
Initially, I was to be named Beasley, but after taking a closer look at my dad’s name she realized that I too should be named after meat! Woohoo for meat! She felt that “T-Bone” was appropriate, but she still really liked the name “Beasley.” So what else does my human do than be lazy by combining both names and adding a Mr. as the prefix! So, around the beginning of June, before I was even conceived, I was dubbed “Mr. T-Bone Beasley."
The human was sooooo excited, so I hear anyway! She was counting down the days that my Mommy Greta would go into heat. Once August came and went, the human realized that this heat my mommy was suppose to go into just wasn’t happening. She called the first human that I ever knew (Sherry [breeder]) like every day. See, my human was annoying before I even came into this world! While the human was anxious and frustrated she understood why Mommy Greta was waiting to go into heat. See, she’s an Airedale, she’s stubborn…it was only natural that she would be testing my human's patience. She had to check and make sure that my human could handle having one of her babies! Anyway, I was finally conceived in October and from what I hear my human nearly cried because she was that excited! What a baby…
My birthday was suppose to be Christmas. So my human started getting ready for my arrival. Every week she would make trips to the pet store and get me things that she thought a Mr. T-Bone Beasley would enjoy. I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the collars she had…she even got me a t-shirt that I never wore! It had Mr. T on it with a chalk board that said, “Don’t be a fool, stay in school!”
Anyway, testing my human's patience again, I was late for arrival. My human’s human kept telling her that she thought I would be born on her birthday, which is January 2nd. My human kept telling her human, “no, that’s too late…”
January 3rd my human got the best news since she heard I was conceived. However, there was the good news and unfortunately some bad news. The good news was that I was born, not on January 3rd, but on my humans birthday…January 2nd!
My human heard the words from Sherry, “You have your Mr. T-Bone Beasley!” The human was at the grocery store when she heard those words and she nearly dropped some food and tried her best not to scream out of excitement. After calming down, she asked what the bad news was. And unfortunately Sherry had to share that out of the 11 puppies that were to be born, only 3 of us hefty guys made it. I guess there was some sort of infection and only me, sister Lola and brother Waldo made it. My human was so thankful that she had me, and to be born on her birthday of all days! Woohoo for me! Anyway, Sherry was the first to introduce me to the flashing box that I am constantly seeing…even in my sleep!
My human got EVERYTHING ready for me…like everything. She had a crate, water/food dishes, blankets, toys galore and an explosion of collars…February 19th, 2008 was my human's first day to see me in person…it was a day that I would never forget…Sherry put me in a crate and loaded me in the car along with Blu the all black Airedale. First of all, I was not prepared for the long car ride to meet my human in Tucson. Second, I REALLY had to poo! While Sherry drove me to my first destination I screamed and I cried because she needed to pull over so I could do my business! I’ve never been one to make a mess in my crate…poo is gross and there is no way I want to be covered in it!!! Sherry ignored my cries and told me that she was on the freeway and she couldn’t pull over, and she begged me to hold on for just a little bit!!
Hold on, I did not…poo I did. I tried my darndest to get that poo outside of my crate! I pushed my butt up against the plastic walls and poo-ed everywhere. Then, I gave Sherry one of my best, most indignant faces…I was mad…Anyways, after that Sherry cleaned me up and I got to meet my human for the first time. She stuck her head in the car, opened my crate…and oh man I was scared! Wouldn’t you be? Two huge hands coming at you with a creepy-smiled human trying to grab you? After she held me for a minute I realized that she was alright. I snuggled her neck and sniffed her real good! After talking to Sherry about feeding and me in general, I was off in the car again.
Basically, I’m just super adorable and I’m glad that my human waited for me. I enjoy the life of a Mr. T-Bone Beasley! Slurp!


I am the first Miniature Schnauzer my human got.
Lady and a friend.
Human daddy & mummy went to a pet shop to search for Schnauzer pups as they love the outlook of a Schnauzer and heard that Schnauzers are clever and have a very good character.

I was with my brother in the cage . The shop owner carried both of us out. Mummy called us to come and only I walked towards her. My brother just wandered off to and that's when Mummy said, "She's the one!"

I am a local dog, which means that I was born in Singapore. Mummy says that I am intelligent but she nags me a lot as I bark so much!

My name is Zena. After two years of just having one dog at home, my humans decided to get a play pal for Lady .

Lady and Zena

This time, they went to my daddy's friend's pet shop called the Pick a Pet. I was in the shop with my four siblings. My human was attracted to my solid black color and I was the noisiest among all of them! Weird! Why would they get the nosiest ?!

But finally I have a forever home where I can sleep in comfort! Mummy almost sold me when I was one year old because I kept destroying stuff and barking and even peeing everywhere! But when I reached the age of two , I matured and calmed down. In the end, Lady was the one barking the most. And me ? I hardly bark anymore.

Hello , I am CODY , the handsome puppy Golden Retriever !
Lady and Cody
When my humans bought me, they had no intention of getting another dog as they said it's enough. But then they saw the chubby me ! They could not resist. Daddy's wallet came out and I have a forever home!
Golden Retrievers have always been their top-rated dog. So, yeah! I am here now! I am a very energetic pup! I run, swim and play a lot! I love destroying stuff! Toys are #1 in my heart! Can't live without toys and Chloe.
Lady didn't like me when I first came into the house. She kept growling at me when I got near her, but now? She still hates me A LITTLE , but she plays with me and our humans are happy to have the three of us at home. We add joy to their boring life.
My name is Hershey Cooper .
Mama and Papa chose my name long before I was born. Here is a picture of me when I was a puppy.

Here is the story. I was born in Arundel, Maine on February 4, 2006. Papa’s brother Paul found the breeder for Mama and Papa. Mama and Papa contacted the breeder who sent them four puppy pictures. All four were females and all were my sisters or half sisters.

Mama and Papa made the trip to Maine. It took four hours and it rained and rained the whole day. Grammy was recovering from knee surgery so Mama and Papa were taking care of Kaci while Grammy recuperated.

Mama, Papa and Kaci finally saw the breeder. Mama and Papa got to see the puppies and Papa picked out one of my sisters to take home. But I made the decision for them to take me home. I hope my sister found a good home.

We then went home. I did really well almost the whole way home but I got sick in the car – actually all over Mama. But I was only eight weeks old at the time so she wasn’t too upset. Kaci and I became good friends while she was still visiting. We visit each other as much as we can and have so much fun together.


My name is Kaci Cooper and this is my autobiography.

Here is the story. In December 2004 my Mama, who is Hershey’s Grammy, decided that she wanted a female miniature schnauzer puppy. She mentioned this to my surrogate parents. When they came home from spending a belated Christmas in New Hampshire, Tom (my surrogate father) decided he would look for a puppy for his mother.

The day I came to our family was February 10, 2005. Tom told Dianne (my surrogate mother) that he found me and would she like to see me at the local pet store. Of course, Dianne said yes so they went to see me. When they got there they saw me, and Dianne was immediately in love with me. Paul (Tom’s brother) also wanted to surprise his mother by buying me.

The next day Tom called Paul and told him that I was at the store. Paul called back and said if I was still available that we should go and get me. Tom called Dianne when she got home from work to ask her to call the store. When Dianne called the store she was told that I was available and Dianne said not to sell me to anyone else – she was going to buy me now. Dianne put down the deposit and Tom picked me up the next day.

Initially my name was supposed to be Shania (after Shania Twain). I would not listen when everyone tried to call me Shania. When Tom brought me to New Hampshire, Tom’s mother decided to name me Kaci.

When I made the trip to New Hampshire Mama thought that I was a companion for Tom and Dianne’s schnauzer, Bosco. When she found out that I was for her, she cried tears of happiness. To this day, she thanks my surrogate Mama and Papa continually for making me a part of the family.



Poopie the Clown

I was introduced to Manong3 (Manang’s eldest brother) when his friend, introduced him to a guy who was selling Shih-tzus. He asked manong3 if he knew of anyone interested in Shih-tzus. Manong3 brought me and my sister to their house with the intention of giving us temporary shelter while waiting for our would-be parents to come and adopt us.

We had some skin problems then. Our fur was rough and balding in some areas. We didn’t look like Shih-tzu’s at all. Thus, it was hard to find an interested ‘parent.’

Soon Manong3 was able to find my sister a family. While on his way to sister’s new parents Manong3 cried because he grew attached to us. He told Manong2 (2nd brother) to name me because I had been with them for a week already. We were never given names before. They felt that naming us would strengthen their attachment. Manong2 named me ‘Poopie the Clown’ because I pooed everywhere. I was an exploding energizer bunny

When manang came home for a vacation she took pity on me since I looked like a typical runt. I was very hostile, scraggly-looking and my fur was lackluster. Taking care of me was a challenge for her. She asked Manong3 if she could adopt and bring me to Cebu and promised to bring me back by Christmas. Manong3 agreed - maybe because I was a very difficult puppy then. I never let people hold me. I hated hugs and I bite when I’m annoyed (which is often).

At some pointManang doubted whether she could really handle me. Finally decided. She brought me to the vet to address my flaky skin and prepare my traveling cage, bottle and thermal pad (for storing frozen ice for my travels). Two days before we left for Cebu, Manang lifted me onto the couch and allowed me to sleep with her. It was my first time on the ‘bed’ and I loved it. It was also the first time that I ever snuggled with a human.

Traveling to Cebu was challenging. The airplanes don’t allow dogs to travel so we had to take land transport. Animals aren’t also allowed to travel in air-conditioned buses, so the humans had to take the non-aircon bus. Upon reaching the boat, they found that animals aren’t allowed to ride with the passengers and had to be left in the bus. Filled with pity, they decided to ‘smuggle’ me inside the cabin. Fortunately, they were the only occupants so nobody took notice that I was inside.

We finally arrived in Cebu after seven stressful hours. I never expected much and thought it would be the same as my previous homes. Almost four months passed and now my fur has grown long and shiny. I've gained weight, am no longer crabby and best of all, I developed a sense of belonging. The Ilonggo House became my home and its furry and furless residents, my family - and I won’t have it any other way



I was two weeks old when the humans first visited me. I was one of two males, the fattest and the whitest. I was perfect - except that almost half of my tail had no fur.
When I was a puppy, I injured my tail when my mommy accidentally stepped on it. It lost half of its hair and it became limp.Manang fell in love with me, though. and she wanted to adopt me
The owner suggested another dog but Manang insisted on me because I reminded her of 750, her furless-tailed Labrador. For weeks, Manong searched for other black Labradors . He was hesitant about getting a ‘defective’ dog. What if the fur never grew back? Or the tail remained limp? He would then have to contend with a dog with a rat’s tail.
Manang urged Manong to continue with my adoption. She was worried that if they didn’t take me, nobody would, and I’d end up homeless and dejected. Convinced, they returned and paid my nanny. Manang brought a towel stitched with the name ‘AKI,’ which was short for ‘Achilles’ because they said I was perfect except for my weak tail.

Before I moved to my new home, my kenn
el was delivered to Manang’s apartment and its arrival sparked a lot of tongue-wagging. The neighbors threatened to call the barangay if Manang brought me home because they said dogs are noisy, smelly and health hazards. The housemate expressed how important sleeping is to her and that my barking might disturb her.

Everyone was concocting issues without even seeing me yet - it was absurd! My poor humans were distraught. It felt unfair because Manang asked permission from the housemates and they allowed her to take care of me.

Every night my human would sleep beside me on the floor so that I wouldn’t cry and disturb the housemate. She’d wake up at 6 a.m. and, to avoid complaints, she'd return early to make sure there was no poo.

The first month was dog hell. It was so difficult to be a dog and not be allowed to act like one. Manang was tied to a one-year contract at our home, and had two months left. Her relationship with the housemate was getting rocky due to the housemate’s apparent dislike for me. I was not allowed inside the house, bark, poo/pee or even play. Manang would sneak me inside her room when no one was around. It was very stressful for my humans and me.

She then decided to group with her college friends and found the Ilonggo House. We moved during the last week of March, paying two rentals in two houses for two months, just so she could get out of that evil place.

In the end we found our little piece of paradise. I had four loving humans, a big backyard, friendly neighbors, sister Poopie, and all the freedom I want to romp inside the house and bark to the world that I am a DOG - and a very happy one at that.


I was born in Montebello, Quebec to my parents, Ginger and Dagher. I grew up with two sisters and two brothers. When I was three weeks old, my parents came to visit us at our home, and they chose me!

I got to go home with my parents when I was seven weeks old, and I weighed one lb. I spent my first week sleeping a lot. Everyone thought of me as a little baby, and I was so spoiled!

I got very sick my first weekend at home, and had to visit the vet three times in two days. No one really knows what happened, but I got better quickly and it was as though nothing ever happened! The best part about that time was that I got to go to work with Mom for a while after that. Once I started becoming a little more active and tripping people in the office by running under their feet, I had to start staying at home during the day.

When I was 12 weeks old, my family took a trip to Nova Scotia for a couple of weeks, and that is when my travelling career started. Since then I have been all over Ontario, to Quebec and to Vermont. My love for the beach started then too.

I started Intermediate Training classes when I was four months old, and I was the star of my class of older dogs! I finished Advanced Training when I was only nine months old. I love learning!

Now I am a happy and very energetic one-and-a-half-year-old girl who splits her time between sleeping, playing with Dad, and running around outside.



My life started out pretty much like a scene from a telenovela.

The Secretary told me that I was abandoned in a shoebox at the doorstep of The Animal Doctor's clinic one fateful morning in November 2007. This sort of thing happens a lot in my country, the Philippines, especially if you're of an indeterminate breed ( aka mongrel).

I was lucky my eyes and ears were still tightly shut at that time - I was just a week-old (or so) puppy - so I have no recollection of my tragic past as a nobody's boy.

I got my name Moy-Moy from the Biblical figure Moses who was adopted by the Pharaoh's daughter when she found him floating in a basket in the Nile River. The Secretary hand-reared me like I was her own dog-child, waking up in the middle of the night to feed me my puppy formula, and even offering her thumb for me to suck on when my young teefies were itching to come out.
She rallied behind me during the low points of my life, when I had a difficult time growing up with my sister, Pussy, and when I had to drop out of my kindergarten class.

On some starless nights in my house, I wonder about the thousands of strays out there and I think, Ït is nice to be owned." ( The Secretary tells me it's politically incorrect, but never mind), to belong to someone, to have a name, and to have someone scream your name when you're chasing your tail. Coz it means someone cares.



My name is Ruby and I am a red Miniature Longhaired Dachshund. I am the ruler of one human and three cats.

The first day I met my mom I was six weeks old. She came to the breeders to check me out. The breeder had sent her a picture of me (it was love at first sight, so she tells me), but she wanted to see me in person.

The breeder handed me to mom & I was a little scared. I shook all over. Mom put me down on the floor to see how I walked. I pooed to show her I was eating well and had a good digestive system. Mom said she would take me. That’s the day I became Ruby, not Patches anymore. (I had a shaved patch on my butt, to tell me apart from my sister).

Me today

Since that day, I have become an adult dog of one year. I’ve learned to hold it until I get outside and sleep all night. Mom and I have taken many obedience classes, so I am now a well-behaved dog (most of the time).

I survived a major operation to have my lady bits removed and learned how to speak after eleven months of being mute. Passing the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program test was a major accomplishment and I now visit a local senior’s facility, where I make people smile.

I am a very happy little dog.


My name is Rusty and I live with my mom and dad in Texas.

Here is a picture the kennel lady took of me for mom. See how dark my hair was?


I came to live with mom because she had decided that she wanted a little dog.

She was looking in shelters and asking around but hadn't found the right one. Then her sister told her about a little dog she knew who needed a new home because his owners couldn't handle a puppy. (Mom wonders why they got me if they didn't want to deal with a puppy.)

They were paying a kennel to keep him but soon would have to do something else. So mom came to the kennel to check out the little dog and found ME! The lady was waiting for mom and went in to let me out. I ran out very excited and there was my mom. I knew right away that I had found my forever home! That was right after Thanksgiving in 2006.

They told mom I was a Yorkie but I kept growing and growing and growing till I weighed in at 20 pounds. I am 13 inches tall at my shoulders.

I've been with mom and dad all this time now. I've had some great adventures like going camping and climbing up on rocks (here is a picture of me up on a bluff at a state park in Oklahoma) , walking in parks and around the neighborhood, and playing with the back yard neighbor dogs.

I've been to birthday parties, to mom's school, and to PetSmart for school where I got my Canine Good Citizen certificate. I learned how to blog and now that is one of my most favorite things because of all my great bloggie friends! I have even started my own world wide organization: Rusty's Squirrel Patrol. I have been so happy since I found my forever home!

Now I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's autobiography!




I was born in Pomona, California on June 5, 2005 to street dogs.

My littermates and I were put up for adoption, but since I was the runt I was the last to go. A pretty human girl named Dana paid them $200 and took me to a new home in Chino Hills, California. I was very scared and did not want to leave so I cried.

The first day at my new home was typical. My human Mom gave me a bath because I was dirty and had lots of fleas. She bought me a soft, squishy bed to sleep on, a food bowl, a water bowl and toys. Lots of toys!! That’s when I met Doe Doe, my favorite stuffy.

Mom introduced me to two older humans who lived in the house, who I would later know as G-Mom and G-Pop. They were very nice to me and showered me with lots of hugs and kisses. I liked my new home.

I was a very feisty pupster, hence the name Rambo. I like my name because I am one tough dog. I am so tough that I survived living in the woods for nine days! To make a long story short, when I was almost one year old, I went on an airplane with my Mom Dana to visit relatives in New Jersey.

G-Mom told her not to leave me with strangers but what did she do? She left me with a stranger. I got chased by a little girl and ran out the back door of their house! I spent the next nine days and nights wandering around the woods looking for my humans, hunting for food and water and some place warm to sleep. I got chased by strange looking animals and feared for my life. I cried a lot!

Lucky for me, while I was wondering around looking for my humans, they were looking for me. They spent nine days and nine nights in the woods too, just like me. They cried too. Here’s the “lost dog” poster they hung all over the neighborhood:

On June 5, 2006, which happened to be my first birthday, I was found! Well actually, the humans caught me in a raccoon trap which had a Burger King triple whopper inside. I couldn’t resist, of course…..I was starving!

That’s my story. I am now three years old and will live happily ever after with my G-Mom and G-Pop and my sister Midget Molly. I hope never to be lost again.


I was born on March 18, 2002 under the scorching summer heat of Manila, the Philippines.

I was part of the third batch of five litters of my late Mumsy Pica and Popsy Sumo. I was also the biggest of the pack but I allowed the smaller puppies to suck milk from my Mumsy Pica first so I could later crawl all over them and have good, soft, cushions underneath me when I sucked my milk! I was that smart even on day one!

I came from a noisy, spoiled, grumpy pack . . . and I chose to remain that way. Life is too short to be all nice and quiet when one can be obnoxious and get all the pampering. . . at all times!

Keeper told me that on our first week alone, even with our eyes still closed, my batch howled so loud which bothered the whole neighborhood down Rainbow Avenue! Keeper did not report for work and frantically called the vet who advised Keeper to simply wrap a chilled bottle of water from the refrigerator in a towel and allow us to cuddle in it! And it worked because the summer heat was getting on our puppy nerves! But only for less than an hour because as soon as the bottle turns warm, we were howling louder than ever!

So Keeper kept several bottles chilling in the fridge, transferred our pack to a cooler place with a fan cooling us all day! Keeper could have installed air-conditioning in our house and kept us cooled all summer but she was such a cheapskate!

I am second from left.

My puppy pack was so obnoxious that even my ever-patient, loving Mumsy Pica gave up on us! Mumsy Pica would leave us often so Popsy Sumo has no choice but to puppysit us and lick us clean all day.

Keeper was so worried that she bought little baby bottles, nipples and infant milk as an alternative in case my Mumsy Pica refused to feed us. Of course, it didn’t happen because Mumsy Pica would return to feed us every hour and leave after feeding. Keeper had no choice but to delegate things at work so she could stay home longer to care for us 24/7 and assign Popsy Sumo to help puppysit us at all hours, something which my Popsy Sumo enjoyed doing anyway. We live a good pampered life until my pack were distributed to Keeper friends later, except for me.
So what made Keeper decide to keep me in spite of her decision to give away all the litters of my Mumsy Pica and Popsy Sumo? The same reason she decided to keep my big brother Bogart from the first batch: my big, adorable puppy eyes looked at her and said droolingly, "Take me, I’m yours . . . for life!" And that’s how the Houndsinheaven became four lovable hounds living, loving and playing wild in our house called Heaven!


I was born on January 15, 2001, the day my father, Sumo, turned one year old and my mother, Pica, turned ten.

In that freaky mismatch of brown and black, May-December romance of two mixed-blood hounds, I caught Keeper’s eye. While my litter pack were given to friends, I eyed Keeper and our eyes locked in agreement:

“Take me. I’m yours.”

And on that freaky note, the love affair of a dog and a human was etched in the spirit of a house called Heaven. Yes, I am Keeper’s first love! Isn’t that banal? Long before that whiny SuperDog, Sweepy, arrived in Heaven (a year after!), I was Keeper’s First Love. Keeper is My GirlFriend. Now you know why I do not need another GF. I already have one. The Only One.

So defying all the house rules in Heaven that allowed only two dogs, Keeper mustered all her courage to keep me. And so while all the rest of the first litter of my quirky parents were distributed to friends, I, Bogart, the love of my Keeper, remained in Heaven.

I am the black puppy here.

When I was puppy, I played with the only remaining brother I had, Fudge. Keeper was hoping to keep both of us so she kept delaying the time when Fudge would be given away. We were like two rowdy pups playing with our father Sumo. We would run around tirelessly until one day, we woke up and found Fudge lying down weakly.

The vet could not find anything wrong with him. Keeper held Fudge in her arms and cried helplessly. In the stillness of the afternoon, Keeper gathered us in her arms and mustered all her powerful healing energies and discovered her wild voice and spirit. While Fudge lie dying in Keeper’s arms, Keeper transformed herself and howled with us as we bade goodbye to a painless death for Fudge.

After Fudge died, I got sick and was nursed by one of our cats named Gold. After I had not eaten for a week, Keeper held me in her arms, gathered all the hounds and tearfully sang her goodbyes for a painless death for me. But this time, the gods were smiling down at Keeper for I got well and to this day, I am still with my greatest human love.

We need not shout it to the world.
And I need not fight over her love.
While she'd hug and kiss all the hounds in Heaven,
deep in the recesses of my silent heart,
I knew that I will forever be my Keeper’s Great Love.


I arrived as a puppy gift in a house called Heaven.

Me at left with Pica

Before that, I was part of a cross-breed litter in Las Pinas. When it was time to distribute us, nobody wanted a black dog until my original keeper, Tito Sario, thought of calling Heaven where his favorite nieces lived, and asked if they wanted to adopt a black puppy. All of Heaven shouted in joy since they adore black animals!

They eagerly awaited my arrival which was pretty traumatic. I was transported in the back of a car driven by Tito Sario’s son, Junjun, and it made me jittery and hysterical. To this day, I bark at Junjun, even if he was one of my favorite keepers as a puppy.

I arrived in Heaven, welcomed with hugs and kisses from people I lovingly call my Keepers. I was also licked in welcome by an old but feisty female dog Pica who adopted me like I was her own puppy! After my initial fear, I surveyed Heaven with Pica guiding me and met all other beings at the back of Heaven all watching me with guarded eyes. The cats became my playmates and the birds flying freely around Heaven serenaded me all day. Living in Heaven was indeed like heaven on earth!

I grew up fast and in my sixth month, I was bigger than Pica and scared the cats and birds when I ran wildly around Heaven in my clumsy play. It was also around that time, under the spell of the full moon when Pica was in heat, that I saw her transformed into a sexy, seductive dog and she transformed puppy me into an adult male hound in less than a year!

When I turned one year old in January of 2001, I also became a proud father of six adorable puppies! Pica and I mated and had several more litters. Most of our puppies were later given as gifts to Keeper’s friends, except Bogart and Sweepy.

I became the Alpha hound in Heaven and suddenly, the small playful puppy that I was became the big watchdog of my growing family. I stopped mating Pica after our sixth batch of puppies, when Keeper decided to bring Pica on vacation everytime Pica was into heat.

In 2005, Bogart fought with me over Pica. So as not to repeat the fighting incident, Keeper ordered houses built overnight for all of us, to keep me away from the other hounds. Since then, I never get to play with Bogart or Sweepy. I play with Keeper instead.

In March 2008, Pica was put to sleep before she felt pain from a small tumor in her mouth. She was 17 years old. I was so heartbroken I got seriously sick. I got well after a month and I am now eight years old and have no need to find another mate.

I love watching over my family, my Keepers and our house called Heaven, down the once sleepy Rainbow Avenue. . .



Like Toto in the Wizard of Oz, I'm a Cairn Terrier from Kansas. But instead of Oz, I flew through the air and landed in magical New York City.

Yes, I was in a pet store. And somehow, I managed to hide my inherent cuteness until I was 4 1/2 months old and my Mommy came in and met me. It took her two days to decide to get me, but she'd already decided my name was Petey. There was a young woman holding me when she came back to get me and Mommy was terrified that she was going to buy me. As soon as she put me down, Mommy scooped me up and told someone else I was "her puppy!" We got a leash and a collar (and all sorts of puppy supplies) and I walked home on the leash like I'd always worn one.

I had two wise older catbros, Mica and the dearly departed Maui. My pet nanny took me for long walks while Mommy was at work. Mommy had to go away for the weekend soon after I moved in so I went to the country and got to play and swim in a pool and play Rin Tin Tin on the rocks!

Puppyhood was great! Jody Foster lives part-time in our apartment building and her little boys have played with me on the elevator. I met Liv Tyler and her dog when they admired my winter boots and we shared some Musher's Wax. Glenn Close passed me on the street and said I was cute. I jumped up on Sarah Jessica Parker, tangled leashes with Joel Grey's dog and stole tennis balls from Ethan Hawke's mixed breed.

I landed modeling campaigns for Ella Dish and Ekoo and walked in my first runway show. Flew on an airplane and traveled to five states. Not bad for a little guy!

Life has only gotten better and better! Who knows what my next adventure will be?


I am the first-born puppy of my mom Misty and my dad Garrett.

Our mom and her family took really good care of all of us and socialized us very well. We had lots of toys in our pen and people played with us. We got used to new things so we would grow up to be stable, social Gordon Setters.

When we were seven weeks old, a woman came to evaluate our behavior to help my Aunt Karen place us with the people who wanted us. It was a test but I didn't think it was very hard. I got handled and played with, and she tested us with toys and food. I think I did really well on the test. I thought this person might want to take me home with her because she seemed to like me a lot, but she said she already had two dogs, a Gordon Setter, Selkie, and a very elderly Brittany, Thatcher.

She didn't think it was fair to Thatcher to bring a puppy home to harass him. So one by one, my brothers and sisters left for their new homes but some other person who had reserved me decided not to take me so I stayed with my Aunt Karen and my sister Tori and brother Travis.

Several weeks later, the woman who did the test came back to see me and brought Selkie with her. Her sweet Brittany, Thatcher, who was 16 years and 8 months old, had to be put to sleep and she was very sad. She asked me if I would be her sweet girl and did I want to come to live with her and Selkie? I was a little nervous of Selkie at first since she was so big, but she was gentle with me, and the woman seemed to like me a lot so I thought it would be a good idea.

We drove to my new home in North Carolina. Barbara became my special person and she gave me a real name, Niamh. I like it much better than Red Girl. It is Irish and means "sheen" or "luster" and it is a good name for me since I am so shiny.

I had a lot of things to learn but Barbara is a dog trainer so she helped me a lot. Selkie was a bit jealous of me at first but we became good friends once I realized that she was running the show. She died last year and, of course, I miss her company. Barbara and I are a team now. We do Rally, Freestyle and Tracking together. I also help her in her dog training work. We love each other and I am so glad that I she picked me.
You can see my parent's pictures at http://www.gordons.stonemist.com/, along with puppy pictures of me (Red Girl) and my four sisters and four brothers.



Mom met me at a Spring Jamboree in Tuscaloosa, Alabama when she was still in school.

She came up to me, took me for a walk, and says she fell in love! She wasn't really looking for a dog (or so she says, anyway) so she went home without me after our walk.

She came back two days later ,though, found out I was still there... I had been in the pound for almost three months..... and she took me home!

I was really skinny because I had been a stray before the pound picked me up, so she got to work immediately on putting some meat on my bones! Our first night, she told me I wasn't going to sleep in her room and left me on a bed in the living room. I whined and whined, so she caved and let me sleep in the room with her!

On our first whole day together, she took me on a nice long walky, and then left me in the back yard to play while she was at school. I didn't want to play after she left and so I jumped the fence and waited for her by the front door until she finally came home from class! After that, I became an inside dog, which is the way I like it!! The picture above is one of the first we took together. I was about two when I came to my furever home!

Marshall, a.k.a. The Marsh Man


Mom really wasn't looking for another dog but Dad decided she should have one since it was her birthday.

They thought about getting another Boston Terrier like Maggie but somehow decided they wanted a Boxer instead! So they called an ad in the newspaper and drove out to Margaret, Alabama (I don't even remember where it was). They got lost A LOT and almost gave up, but Mom really wanted to see these Boxer puppies so they kept calling until they finally found the place.

Two beautiful Boxers (my biological mom and dad) came running up to greet them when they got out of the car! I was the only female in my litter. Mom picked me up, and I peed on her! After that, they had to have me!

I was covered in mean ole fleas, so they took me home and gave me a bath, and picked all these mean ole fleas off of me! Then they towelled me dry and brought me in to meet my new brother and sister.

I don't think they liked me very much, but I sure did like Mom and Dad!!! I mostly slept those first few days at home but Mom and Dad didn't mind. They just took turns holding me while I slept! When I was really small, I used to sleep across mom's neck at night -- that way, when I had to go out, I could wake her up really easily! Also, she was really warm! She says she would just lay there in the morning listening to me sleep!

Dad says I am named after his grandmother, but my nickname is Miss Kerfluffle (because I like to get into kerfluffles!!)



Dad decided to get a dog (a Boston Terrier, specifically!) because Uncle Chad had Belle and she was the best dog (that's because I wasn't born yet!!)

So he talked to the breeder and got me, Belle's sister from a different litter! He visited with me from the time right after I was born until he was able to take my home at six weeks old!

My favorite thing to do when we got home to our house as a pup was to sleep in the recliner with dad (as shown in these pics). This was before mom met dad so she isn't in this story (sorry mom!)

My full name is Weavers Pugger Margaret Wags! Pugger was Dad's BT when he was a baby, and Margaret is one of his grandmothers, so that's how I got my name! I have always been very raggly so that is my nickname... even as a puppy... I would chew on dad and raggle at him all the time.

The first night I was at home with him, I peed on him in the bed (seems to be a theme in our family! :) But he didn't mind -- he still says I am his number one girl!! From the very beginning (minus that first night) I was a great bed dog! He just says, "Maggie, go to bed," and I crawl under the covers and snuggle -- see how my nose was all pink? I was sooo cute!! I'm still so cute but now my nose is all black!





I came to live with D & B under unfortunate circumstances.

They hadn’t really considered having a dog until someone broke into their home back in 2001. It was a night in February 2001 when D was woken up by a noise and saw the light of a torch moving around downstairs. Well you can imagine how scared she was but she pounced out of bed yelling out who’s there. The thief ran off with their vacuum cleaner….loser! After that night B thought a dog might deter someone wanting to break in. They didn’t really know what kind of breed at that stage but D had always like Airedale Terriers. They did some research and found them to be excellent guard dogs.

In March they went to a dog show and met a lady who breeds Airedales. She spent some time talking with B & D about Airedales and when they were about to leave she said she had a dog for sale. I guess she was sussing them out to see if they were worthy lol. They passed the test!!!! We’ve since learned that she is very selective as to who she’ll sell a pup too. Good on her we say!!

Anyway, B & D went to see this little 4 month old pup called Titan. He was quite aloof but they fell in love with him anyway. They took him home and named him Noah and they have never looked back.


Tess’ story couldn’t be more different to Noah’s.

Tess used to live in Melbourne with her then pinkies. These people never spent anytime with her. They worked long hours and Tess was bored. Even though they kept her in a fenced yard she would always escape. She would wonder off to play with other dogs in her neighbourhood even though she lived with her very own son!!!! He was a very chilled, laid back Airedale and didn’t like to play. These pinkies did all they could think of to keep her in. They even put her on antidepressants…….

Tess didn’t need medication, she needed stimulation and walks. They sent her to boot camp but that didn’t help either so they decided that they might have to have her put down. Thankfully they contacted Airedale Rescue in Victoria and a lovely lady Sue Forrester put out an urgent email to see if anyone would take Tess.

D & B thought, well we’ve got 3 what’s one more so they put their hand up to take her. They drove down to the NSW/Victoria border to pick her up. Here was this gorgeous girl, very thin but just beautiful. When D & B put her in the car, Tess didn’t even turn to look at her old pinkies and they’ve never bothered to find out how she is doing even after D sent them emails with pictures.. They didn’t deserve her.

The night when Tess met Lucy, Willow & Noah was a disaster. It couldn’t have gone more wrong. Tess & Lucy got into huge fights and Tess ended up cutting her eye. So it was off to the vet. That was the first time. The second fight resulted in a big cut on her leg. It was awful. Even D & B had cuts on them. After the last and biggest fight things finally started to turn around for the best. Tess realised Lucy was top girl dog and didn’t challenge her anymore. These days Tess & Lucy play hard but get on great. They seek each other out for bitey face and even when things seem to be getting out of hand, D & B know they are just playing. Even Willow is more relaxed around them now.

Tess is one lucky dale. She has never tried to escape from her new home and she is never bored. How could she be with Noah, Willow & Lucy to play with every day.



I was born on April 20, 2007. That makes me almost 18 months old now…

I was put in a pet store when I was two months old to be sold to potential Moms and Dads.

One fine night on 19th June, a family of four walked into the store, just looking around to see if they can find a potential pet. I was minding my own business trying to get some sleep, but the cage I was put in was not warm enough and I did the next best thing….curl up in my food bowl. (Yes, I am THAT small!)

I could feel someone coming near my cage as I was dozing off, so I looked up to see what was up…only to find myself looking into the face of someone I now know as 'Mom.' Mom told me she felt a connection between us when she saw me. It's as if it was meant to be. "Your eyes and that cute face of yours ..." she said. She bought me straight away, and I went home, in her arms, with my family. That first night I was put in a basket lined with a warm cloth in my Mom's room. Oh, how snuggly it was! Mom woke every few hours to peek at me and bring me to pee pee when I whimpered for her.

Morning came, and Mom took me downstairs for my breakfast. When she set me down and walked away to get my food ready, I followed her into the kitchen. There she was with my bowl of warm milk and puppy kibble. When I was done eating, she went to get some towels to wipe my mouth and I followed her there too. From then on, I have followed Mom wherever I can in the house – when she does her chores, when she sits at her computer, and even when she's in the washroom! That last one - I didn't get to go in, but I would wait outside patiently for her til she comes out and I would welcome her with my broad smile and waggy tail.

Every morning, when I woke up early and Mom wasn't up yet, I would go up to her room to lick her face and wake her up. The best thing for me would be to sit or lie very close to Mom everywhere – when she's reading or watching TV, I would plonk myself right next to her, my head on her arm.

One time, Mom had to be away for a few days when I was four months old, so I was taken care of by Gramma and Grampa. Every morning I would climb up the stairs to Mom's bedroom to check if she was there, and I would look longingly at the door in the evenings to see if she was coming back from work.

One of the first tricks Mom taught me was to 'Say Please.' There was a time when I was not big enough to climb down the stairs, but had somehow gotten myself up two stairs. When I couldn't climb down, I barked for Mom. She came running of, course, but when she saw that I was up the stairs and couldn't get down, she giggled and used that to teach me to 'Say Please.' If I wanted to get down, I would need to bark at her signal and I would be carried down the steps.

Well, that's just a little part of my littlest memories. I have loads to tell, but I think it would take days or weeks! LOL! If you want to know more of my tales and misadventures, do stop by my blog at



Addie's story begins with K-8.

Our big dog K-8, pronounced Kate, was a Border Collie/American Bulldog mix. She was an amazing companion and therapy dog, a member of Therapy Dogs International.

In February, she was diagnosed with Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia and Hemolytic Anemia. These horrible diseases hit K-8 hard and fast. Since we caught the symptoms early, our Vet thought K-8 had a chance, but within two and a half weeks of diagnosis, she passed away. Before this illness, K-8 had never been sick, ever. I was devastated.

Our K-8 ... who led me to Addie

During the weeks that followed, our house seemed empty without K-8 bouncing around in it. K-8 and I use to visit a local retirement community every other Sunday. Everyone loved K-8. One friend in particular had a special love for K-8. She would always tell us the story of when she got her Border Collie puppy and how much she looked like K-8. Our friend didn’t receive many visitors or talk to the other residents much, but she always spent a lot of time talking with us.

Finally, I brought myself to consider another dog. While searching the internet one day, I came upon the cutest puppy I had ever seen! She was five weeks old at the time, a Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix. Both parents were purebreds; their union was not planned. This sounded familiar to me because it was how our K-8 came into this world.

On April 9, 2008, we welcomed Addie into our home and introduced her to her new disgruntled big sister, Zoe. It was not love at first sight for Zoe, our 14-year-old Dachshund. But she learned to accept and love her.

During this time, our friends from the retirement community were never far from my mind. I wanted to share our new furbaby with our special friend. Once Addie received her shots at 10 weeks old and a clean bill of health from our vet, we scheduled a visit with our special friend.

Returning there without K-8 was bitter sweet for me. When we walked into her room, our friend was speechless. I placed Addie on the bed beside her and she enjoyed her company for an hour. Addie was spoiled rotten with all the petting and kisses that she received. She placed her head on the lady's chest, snuggled right up against her, and took a nap. Our friend shared more stories about her Border Collie that had us laughing. The joy that Addie brought our friend was simply amazing.

It was a heartfelt visit that she couldn’t thank us enough for. After our visit, I started a photo book for our friend so she could watch Addie grow. When I called my contact to bring her the book, I found out that our friend had stopped eating a few days after our visit. She passed away a week later. Addie had brought a ray of sunshine into her life, and into ours.

Thank you K-8, for leading me to Addie.



In case you don't recognize me ... I'm Abby's cousin ...

That's what she calls me, anyway...I'm actually her nephew, cuz her human sister, Chrissy is my Mom...But, anyway....On with my story...

One day in early May 2005, my Dad was at work & this guy drove up to the shop & he had me, my mom, & 3 of my brothers in the back of his truck...Me & my brothers were only 5 1/2 weeks old...

My dad had been wanting a dog for awhile, but my mom kept saying "No"...She wanted to wait until they had a bigger place & room for a dog to run....Blah, Blah, Blah...

Anyway...The guy was really anxious to get rid of us, even though we were really too young to leave our mom...So my dad picked me up & said, "I'll take this one"...When he brought me home to my mom as an early "Birthday Present," how could she refuse me???

At that time I was about as big as my nose is now...My mom was kind of upset that my dad had brought me home without talking to her first, but she finally said I could stay...She quickly fell head over heels in love with me...I was just adorable...

My Mom always wondered if I would ever grow into my ears....I almost did...

Now, I'm a Pit Bull mix, so I grew really fast & I was quite active...But my Mom & Dad loved me & trained me & I grew up to be strong & healthy & very kind...My Grandma says I'm the best behaved dog she has ever seen & one of my Dad's Army Buddies once said, "Rosco has a heart as big as Texas"...And, I do...

I'm living with Abby & my Grandparents, right now, until my Dad comes home from Iraq in January & then me & my Mom & Dad will be moving to our own house...I love my Grandma & Grandpa a lot...And even though the Little White Mop Dog drives me crazy with her constant bouncing & barking & bitey face games, I love her too, I guess...She just doesn't know how to share very well...


You can find me at Abby's Blog:


My Mom says when I was a puppy, I could turn myself into a pretzel...

So here's my Story...My Mom wanted a "Replacement Child" when my human sister, Chrissy, married her handsome soldier & moved to Fort Stewart, Georgia...It just so happened, that my Mom's niece had a girl & a boy Lhasa Apso - Chloe & Winston. ..

My Mom let her Niece know that, if Chloe & Winston had puppies, she wanted a little girl that looked just like Chloe who was all white, except for a few tan spots here & there...

On March 17, 2006 I was born...That is St Patrick's Day, so I must be Irish...

There were 4 of us...And my Mom's Niece had "Furever Homes" for all of us before we were born...

I was born last & I was the smallest...After my 3 brothers were born, & they were all mostly black, like my Dad, my Mom's Niece was afraid they weren't gonna get a little white girl puppy for my Mom...But then there I was...

I was just what my Mom ordered...

My teeth aren't straight, but, then, my Mom really wasn't looking for a show dog...She just wanted someone to keep her company while she watched the Yankee Games, & I do that really well...

I'm pretty spoiled...But that's Mom's fault...She loves me A LOT...

And, I'm a pretty lucky little dog to have so many other people that love me, too...

I wish ALL doggies & kitties had that...

Abby xxxooo


Asta Marie
My Mom and Dad just love Wire Fox Terriers.

In 1994, they got my dog Daddy, Alfie, from a breeder nearby. This breeder did not require a spay/neuter contract and so Alfie was not neutered, but my Mom didn't know where to find a little girl wire for my Dad, so he was almost seven years old before he found a wife and then it just happened by accident.

My Mom always took Alfie for walks while at our cottage. She was walking him along our dirt road and suddenly a truck came by and stopped right beside her. The woman, who was driving had a female wire fox terrier and had always wanted to breed her, but never knew where to find a boy Wire. My Mom and Grandma Judy didn't know each other before that day but they exchanged telephone numbers and names and when my dog Mom, Sporty, was in season, they mated. On October 15, 2001 five puppies were born, three boys and two girls.

My Mom got pick of the litter and picked me out of the five puppies. She called me Asta Marie after the Asta in the Thin Man movies of the 1930s. She finally got the daughter she always wanted, because her human kids are both boys.

I came home to live with my Mom when I was eight weeks old. My dog Dad and I were really good friends and we always played together. He went to the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2007 at the age of 13 years and two month of age. We all miss him a lot as he was a special dog, sweet and gentle.

I had two litters of puppies and three husbands and Dewey was born in the second litter, but then he will tell his own story about how he was the one that stayed. I love Dewey, and even though I have to share my Mom with him, we are good buddies. I just wish that he didn't like to play ball so much because I just love to do that all by myself. My Mom still loves me to pieces and is kissing me all the time. She still calls me her little baby girl even though I am now nearly seven years old.