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This site is dedicated to our puppyhood - or, for those of you who found your forever homes later in life, it is dedicated to those first days you spent with your new families.

Thanks to all of you who sent in your autobios and for sharing your experiences. Most of us got acquainted later on in life without knowing anything about each other. So your stories really do let us get to know each other better, and help us appreciate each other more.

Special thanks to our moms, Linda and Pat, who helped us put up this site.

Our Littlest Memories blog will stay open indefinitely. If you would like to submit your autobio, email it with your puppy pictures to:

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Well, we hope you enjoy reading all about your friends' littlest memories!

Chef and Abby

(All stories are posted in the order in which they were received.)


I am the first Miniature Schnauzer my human got.
Lady and a friend.
Human daddy & mummy went to a pet shop to search for Schnauzer pups as they love the outlook of a Schnauzer and heard that Schnauzers are clever and have a very good character.

I was with my brother in the cage . The shop owner carried both of us out. Mummy called us to come and only I walked towards her. My brother just wandered off to and that's when Mummy said, "She's the one!"

I am a local dog, which means that I was born in Singapore. Mummy says that I am intelligent but she nags me a lot as I bark so much!

My name is Zena. After two years of just having one dog at home, my humans decided to get a play pal for Lady .

Lady and Zena

This time, they went to my daddy's friend's pet shop called the Pick a Pet. I was in the shop with my four siblings. My human was attracted to my solid black color and I was the noisiest among all of them! Weird! Why would they get the nosiest ?!

But finally I have a forever home where I can sleep in comfort! Mummy almost sold me when I was one year old because I kept destroying stuff and barking and even peeing everywhere! But when I reached the age of two , I matured and calmed down. In the end, Lady was the one barking the most. And me ? I hardly bark anymore.

Hello , I am CODY , the handsome puppy Golden Retriever !
Lady and Cody
When my humans bought me, they had no intention of getting another dog as they said it's enough. But then they saw the chubby me ! They could not resist. Daddy's wallet came out and I have a forever home!
Golden Retrievers have always been their top-rated dog. So, yeah! I am here now! I am a very energetic pup! I run, swim and play a lot! I love destroying stuff! Toys are #1 in my heart! Can't live without toys and Chloe.
Lady didn't like me when I first came into the house. She kept growling at me when I got near her, but now? She still hates me A LITTLE , but she plays with me and our humans are happy to have the three of us at home. We add joy to their boring life.


Achilles Wong said...

tis true. we dogs add joy to the hooman's lives. you guys were so cute as puppies.

im intrigued about zena though, so you mean to say you were black before? does that mean my brother heinz will turn grayish when he grows up too?

drooly kisses,


The Three Musketeers said...

Oh , for us schnauzers , our puppy color isn't our real color , it will get lighter . haha . thats why Zena became lighter (:

Lots of Loves ,
Three Musketeers

Raising Addie said...

Thank you for sharing your puppy stories! I love learning more about my friends.

I'm glad that Lady got use to having you around Cody. Now she loves you!

I can hardly believe all of that dark fur on Zena as a puppy! She is just beautiful.

Lady, is truely the Lady of the house. Or at least I bet she strives to be!

We just love you three pups!


P.S. Zoe growled and nipped at me for the first few weeks after I met her. But soon she came to at least like me a little bit. BOL