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Chef and Abby

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My mom had wanted a dog for a long, long time.

Since our house doesn't have a yard, and the patio is pretty small, she was thinking about a little dog. She thought about a Jack Russell Terrier, a Rat Fox Terrier or maybe a Chihuahua. She never thought about a Dachshund... And here comes Lorenza...

She saw an ad in the newspaper and called to ask about me. The person said I was a girl (my moms preference) of seven weeks old. She went there and, when she saw me, she fell in love with me.

The person who had me is, in fact, a vet. He said I was healthy - big lie. My mom knew zero about dogs so she believed him and took me home. Then her nightmare started. I was puking, and puking and puking... I didn't want to eat. She called the vet and he asked mom to take me there to check what was happening.

He gave me pills, injections, infusions, and nothing good happened. To make it short, I had worms and he didn't know. Finally I got better. Months later my mom asked him about spaying me and he said it was not necessary (?)... I had my first heat and it was horrible - it lasted 40 days!! And the vet said it was normal (?) My mom got tired of him so she looked for another vet (a good one).

My new vet is a nice person, and I like him a lot in spite of the fact that he gave me two surgeries, one to spay me and the other for a mammary tumor that I had - product of all the hormonal problems I had before. My mom spent a lot of money but she says it worth it. My mom has learned (in the worst way) a lot about dogs. My mom is happy because now I am healthy and happy as always.

Kisses and hugs,



Raising Addie said...

Lorenza you are a sweetheart! Your furbaby picture is adorable!

Ruby said...

Hi Lorenza

I'm glad your mom picked you & made you a healthy dog. You have grown from a cute little pup to a gorgeous dog.

Love Ruby

Niamh said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were so sick as a puppy. It was great that your mom picked you and worked to get you nice and healthy.

Your friend,